Content Marketing

I help brands create engaging content for their blogs. Here are some of the pieces I’ve done:

Inside Durham’s Big Spoon Roasters — A profile of Big Spoon Roasters, a local brand that produces peanut butter products.

Sweets for All from JP’s Pastry – A profile of JP’s Pastry, a bakery in Benson, North Carolina.

Thank a Farmer!  I spoke with five farmers who received disaster relief grants after Hurricane Florence to see how the recovery effort is going. 

3 Reasons Why Women Walk Away From Leadership Positions (Also featured on Fox Business.) — An analysis of career changes made by women in high-level corporate positions.

Fidelity’s Women-Focused Culture Breaks the Mold in a Male-Dominated Industry — Female representation at top career levels, attractive benefits and perks, and a company culture that values women are all representative of Fidelity’s commitment to supporting its employees.

Making Customers Happier, Using a Little Thing Called Lagniappe — Use this New Orleanian tradition to delight your store’s customers. 

Where Does Grocery Store Produce Come From? — Your supply of store-bought produce has lived a long journey before it reaches your table. But where exactly has it been?

New Study Reveals How Men Perceive Support for Women at Work (Also featured on Fox Business.) — Men don’t think things are great, but they think they’re a lot better than women think they are.

Are Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work Also Great for Women? — An analysis of Glassdoor’s annual Best Places to Work list.

7 Companies Committed to Having Women at the Top (Also featured on Fox Business.) — A list of companies that get high scores for female representation in management from the women working directly at the companies.

These Two Retail Employers Are Capturing and Retaining Talent — With employee turnover rates on the rise across the board over the last year, companies are forced to step up the long game to keep their talent base engaged. Here are two employers that are tackling the task.

Guide to the Gender Pay Gap — It’s real, it affects different women in different ways, and it’s not going away as quickly as you might think.

Want to be the Boss? — Five companies in a variety of industries, from retail to tourism, with great management opportunities for women.

(M)eat Local: Female Entrepreneurs on a Mission at Firsthand Foods — A Q&A with the owner of meat provider Firsthand Foods.

Retrain Your Brain — An exploration of neuroplasticity, and how to do what you think you can’t. 

Build Your Brand — Six ways to be a social media maven.